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Friday, October 11, 2013

What is Writing Workshop?

Writing is a huge part of a fourth grader's school day.  Over the course of this year, we will spend hours upon hours learning to become a better writer.  We call this part of our day "Writing Workshop".  For a better understanding of what occurs during this hour each day, check out the video below.

Welcome to Writers' Workshop! from Once Upon a Teacher on Vimeo.

But your writer's day doesn't end there!  Each night, fourth graders should be spending at least a few minutes in their writing notebook or working on a current piece.  In class, we have many tools to help us as we write, revise, edit and publish.  To help your young writer, we've prepared a second copy of these tool pages for them to keep at home and use as a resource as needed.  

At the back of the packet, parents will find a few pages explaining the FCAT Writing test all fourth grades will take in February.  It also includes samples of student writing and answers to frequently asked questions about the assessment.

These packets will come home in students' red take home folders on Monday.  Please be sure to take time to review them thoroughly before putting them in a safe place at home for your writer to use in their at-home writing work.

Writers, what is your favorite part of writing workshop?  


  1. My favorite part of writing is that we get to write diffrent genres of writing.If we only wrote on type of writing that would be super boring.I also like that we get to use alot of detail and authors craft in our writing. Love,Lexie


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