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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Blog Remodeling

Dear Readers, 

It was brought to our attention this week that our beloved blog has been experiencing some technical difficulties.  Some of you may have noticed that the sidebar, filled with useful links and important dates, disappeared!  (We later found it floating at the bottom of a long line of posts.)  This unpleasant surprise spurred hours of research and tinkering in an effort to find the problem and restore our handy, dandy tools to their rightful place.  Unfortunately, a time comes in everyone's life in which we must admit defeat....and that's exactly the time that has come.

However, as we know from the animal kingdom, adaption prevents extinction!  Therefore, we have officially adapted!  If you're visiting our blog, you'll notice our new layout does NOT include a sidebar.  We do, though, have new and improved TABS just below the header.  Please be sure to check out each tab as we carefully stock each of these pages with all the important links (and more!) that we previously included in our sidebar.  (Thank you in advance for your patience as we get these pages updated.)

You'll probably want to begin your exploration with the "Tools for Adventurers" tab.  Here you'll find our Wild Adventurers calendar, a link to the current planner notes (updated each Monday morning), and direct links to the grade portal and lunch accounts.  

Also, please be sure to notice the "Subscribe to Our Blog" box is now above the most recent post.  If you have already subscribed, you do not need to resubscribe.  If you have not yet subscribed for posts to be sent directly to your inbox (absolutely free of cost), please be sure to do so.  (Don't forget to check your inbox for the very important subscription request confirmation email!)

While this week's glitch has definitely been frustrating, we hope you will find our revised design to be helpful.  

Thank you very much for continuing to read and comment on our posts!  Stay tuned for more class news coming your way in the next few days!  

Thank you for allowing us to walk on the wild side with you!

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  1. Adapt and overcome- a motto I live by. Love how you saw the obstacle as an opportunity. Thanks for taking the time to improve the blog. Lourdes


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