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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Links to Matter

Matter (Chapter 4) has been our topic of focus for the last few weeks in Science. Next week we will have an assessment on the first three lessons in this chapter. Here are some sites that help to compliment and review what we have been studying. 

Lesson 1: What are properties of matter?
*Also, revisit a recent blog post on properties of matter (What's the Matter?) as another method for reviewing this content. 

Lesson 2: What are states of matter?
Visit here: Study Jams: States of Matter

Lesson 3: How is matter measured?
and hereStudy Jams: Volume
Remember that you also have access to your science textbook online. There are video clips and vocabulary review games that you can play as a FUN and interactive way to study!! 

Happy reVIEWING!


  1. Thanks for the fun study guides. Great motivators for kids.

  2. I noticed in my car sometimes when you have the cold AC on it gets a little wet around the AC. That is because of matter changing!!!!


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