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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Garden Adventures

Wow! What a beautifully sunny and breezy day as we spent time working in our amazing Chets Creek garden. One of our very own incredible parents, Dr. Brenda Zenk (Nicole's mom), led us on a very special adventure which helped us to make many connections about how plants and animals interact in their environment (something we are currently studying in Science). We also made many important connections about how various plants reproduce. We got our thumbs greener by observing a wide variety of flowers blooming in our garden, finding many pollinators at work (bees, butterflies, and ants), collecting seeds (lettuce, arugula, mustard, radish, and bok choi), cross-pollinating lettuces, digging for potatoes and beans, smoothing soil, pulling weeds/nutgrass, trellising tomatoes, and planting new watermelon seeds! Enjoy our slideshow to highlight this incredible experience. Thank you, Dr. Zenk, for helping us to make some special Chets Creek memories and for helping to make our science studies really come to LIFE!!! Your plethora of knowledge is truly inspiring to ALL of us!! Garden Experience on PhotoPeach Students, what was your favorite part of your garden visit? Leave a comment and earn Behavior Bucks!


  1. I liked making the hills that were 9 inches long and put the seeds and all of a sudden we randomly were stumbling across these delicious small baby potatoes.It was really interesting seeing all those other beautiful flowers and the yummy tiny potatoes i was so excited to hear when we were able to grow and plant are Magnificent fruits and vegetables and it was so Awesome that When we are in 5th grade we will be able to see them turn into a great big vegetable to eat :D-Rutaj

  2. I loved planting Watermelon, and seeing the pollinators busy at work


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