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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Celebrating Reading

It is amazing to me to look back to August and remember the readers that entered our classroom.  We have come so far!  But did you know that when kids don't read over the summer, they are likely to fall behind when they head back to school?  These learning losses are often called the "Summer Slide", and our school has made it a priority to keep our students' skills sharp by encouraging them to read all summer long.

Chets Creek has signed up to participate in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge, a free online reading program that invites children to log their reading minutes to help set a new world record for summer reading.  the goal this year for schools around the world is to break last year's reading world record of 176,438,473 minutes!

I'm SO excited to share that the theme of this year's program is Reading Under the Stars.  As kids log their reading minutes, they will unlock star constellations and learn interesting facts about them.  Plus, throughout the summer, kids will earn digital rewards and learn about great new books to read.  You'll also find free articles, activity sheets, and book lists for parents on the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge website.  Look for your child's username and password in their planner Tuesday evening.

But that's not all!  In order to celebrate our reading successes this year, I'd like to invite you all to join me at the P.E.P. Rally next weekend, Saturday, May 31st, at the Jaguars' Cabanas/Fan Entertainment Zone at Everbank Field.  Not only will I be there, proudly wearing my purple shirt to support Chets Creek, for the 8 AM "Spirit 5K", but I plan to stay and enjoy the food and fun afterwards.  Please join me for the party and celebrate our amazing year!  If you're not up for running a 5K, consider participating in the free one mile "Reading Is Fun Run" at 9 AM, or just come for the Reading Celebration from 10 AM-2 PM!  Remember to wear your purple! 

I hope to see you all there!

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