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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Write the Rainbow

A Rainbow of Fruity Flavor
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Grab your pencils, fetch your notebooks, and get ready to WRITE!

Writers, there's only one thing I love more than writing, and that's a good writing CHALLENGE!  "What's a writing challenge?" you say.  Well, just as we set goals to help ourselves become better readers, we should set goals to become better writers.

One year, I set the goal to publish one piece of writing a day -- every single day -- for a month.  I did this by participating in a challenge called NaBloPoMo, which stands for National Blog Posting Month.  It was TOUGH.  There were plenty of days within that month when I was exhausted.  I felt like I had nothing to write about.  Many nights I sat at my computer in the hours approaching midnight, nodding and dozing off in the middle of a sentence.  But, I didn't quit.  I stuck to it and reached my goal!

That's not the only challenge I've accepted.  I've also challenged myself (on multiple occasions) to write 750 words PER DAY for as many days in a row as possible.  I even belong to a special website that helps me count my words & track my progress!  This challenge is EXTREMELY difficult, but I keep trying to improve, over and over again.

For your first challenge, we'll start small.  This week, you'll receive a special label in your planner each day.  Complete all FIVE of the OPTIONAL writing assignments by next Tuesday, September 3rd, and you will be invited to an exclusive LUNCH BUNCH celebration in the classroom next week.

In order to participate, you need to:

  • Write one full page of text on the given topic.
  • Write in your writer's notebook. (Remember to head each page with the date and an "H" for "home".)
  • Make each piece the best writing you can produce.  
  • Write neatly enough that someone else can read your writing.  (Remember, these aren't published pieces, so they won't be perfect....but they need to be legible.)
  • Submit all five completed pieces to me on Tuesday, September 3rd.  NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Now I understand, writers, that sometimes we don't succeed the first time we try.  For that reason, you can also earn TEN Behavior Bucks for every completed piece of writing you submit on Tuesday the 3rd.  And I know all of you mathematicians are already thinking, "Cha-ching!"  And you're right!  That means FIFTY BEHAVIOR BUCKS if you complete them all!

So, what do you think?  Are you up for the challenge???


  1. Well I'm motivated! It's amazing the change in Chatfield's attitude towards writing every day from the first day to today. He's definitely been inspired and no longer feels like he doesn't know what to write. I'm sure he will try to complete the challenge.

  2. I am gonna take that challenge. Chase

  3. I've already gotten started. Lexie


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