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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Reflex Math is Back!

"Students will demonstrate fluency of multiplication and related division facts with ease"...................that is one of our benchmarks in mathematics. This means that students can recall, with automaticity, answers to basic multiplication and division facts (0-12). The exciting news is that Reflex Math is back- an engaging, online resource tool for our students that builds this fluency in fun, engaging ways. All Wild Adventurers now have their 4th grade accounts set up- all they have to do is log-on and let the fluency building begin! After designing their own personal "Avatar" (mini-me), they will participate in a fluency typing test, receive a math mini-lesson, and then engage in timed, fluency building practice with their multiplication and/or division facts. This online program scaffolds to each individual child's needs, offering re-teaching and additional practice with facts often missed by your child until mastery is achieved. This program also offers reward incentives, as students earn coins and points which can be redeemed in the "store" for Avatar "flair"- new hats, sunglasses, jackets, and other cool stuff to keep them motivated. Best of all, teachers and parents can track student progress and run reports to document progress. It is recommended that students participate in Reflex Math fluency building 3-4 times each week. Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes. Our students will be logging in and participating in Reflex learning activities while at school, but it is also helpful if they can spend time learning from this valuable resource at home too. Mrs. Phillips will give each student his/her new username and password for Reflex when we return to school after Labor Day! Happy Fluency Building!!

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